“The only limits that exist are the ones you place on yourself.” – Doctor Uchie

Uchenna Obiuku

Uchenna Obiuku DC | Speaker

Dr. Uchenna Obiuku is a Doctor of Chiropractic, a speaker, an educator, mentor, and owner at SOTIL Health Inc, and SOTIL Chiropractic Wellness PLLC. A Chiropractic Wellness Company using their platform to influence and inspire a mindset shift in the lives of five (5) million people, so they can live in an abundant expression of health.

He has taken his passion for service, using his platform as a Doctor of Chiropractic to bring awareness to clients and the public about “The Innate Intelligence” that resides within every living organism, which is repeatedly capable of transforming single cells into  trillion celled organisms –  aka the Human Being. This immeasurable substance of the soul is so exacting, and accurate, that anyone who knows, understands, and apply them correctly in their lives can experience an abundance of health and wealth.

Dr. Obiuku clinically recognizes and applies “The Science of epigenetics of body-mind-body-mind” systems as a core of his clinical health care approach. He speaks passionately about the significance of understanding the neuromuscular system AND biomechanics of the body, sharing nuggets “how the nervous system helps human adapt to his/her environment, how structure of the spine determines function of the spine” as well as identifying and addressing the indices THAT LEAD US to health or sickness.

Dr. Obiuku advises people from all walks of life on personal and professional development and achievement.  His clients range from single parents, couples, fathers and mothers, adolescent youth to world leaders; visionaries, entrepreneurs, athletes, artists and others. He loves to read and research, and travels teaching ways to empower and inspire individuals and organizations.

To contact Doctor Uchie about speaking opportunities or media inquiries, please email: doctoruchie@gmail.com or submit the form on this page.

Speaking Topics Include:

Chiropractic Meaning of Health

  • You need a healthy body to have a healthy mind, just as much as you need a healthy mind to have a healthy body. “The scientific evidence is unequivocal; the body, brain and mind are interconnected, interdependent, indissoluble parts of a whole”. 

“Know Thyself, and Show up for Your Generation”

“Demystifying Detox”

  • When in doubt about detox (because so many false claims exist) ask yourself what did my ancestors do and what does every other animal species in the wild still do…eat more raw organic vegetables and healthy and ethically raised meat. Eat right for your species type and detox will happen naturally.

Chronic Inflammation as a precursor of Chronic Illness”

  • When someone has a Chronic Illness such as FIBROMYALGIA, DIABETES etc. you can be virtually certain they have Chronic Inflammation.

*Programs can be customized as a keynote, breakout session, or full-day seminar.

To contact Doctor Uchie about speaking opportunities or media inquiries, please email: doctoruchie@gmail.com or submit the form on this page.

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