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SOTIL Health

Optimal Health is our goal, we do so through Chiropractic and Wellness.


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SOTIL – We aim to reach and influence 5 million people to live an abundant expression of health.

Health & Wellness


Our patient-centered care drives clients towards having a healthy Neuro-muscular system, and making healthy lifestyle choices.


Community & Mentorship


At SOTIL Health, we’re transforming lives, one mindset at a time. Healthy young, healthy old is a culture and mindset we promote.


Speaking & Events


Uchenna Obiuku, Doctor of Chiropractic, advises people from all walks of life on personal and professional development and achievement.


SOTIL Health

The SOTIL mission is to build sustainable communities, to promote generational health and wealth, and encourage a growth mindset.

Our health is our greatest asset, we believe therefore it is wise to invest considerable energy and time in ensuring our bodies can create the best environment for optimally expressing health. At SOTIL Health, we offer complete health explanation and services. Our aim is on getting you to recognize how your current lifestyle choices, are either leading you towards Health or towards sickness

We apply the principles of biological laws in our health care approach. Clinically we recognize the significance, and thus follow the guidelines of nutritional, exercise, thought and behavioral component as requirements (already coded into the human DNA) for expressing health.

SOTIL Community

A healthy community is a thriving community. How we live, how we eat, how we move, and interact with each other is an essential component in the success of a sustainable community. SOTIL seeks to collaborate with different platforms of influence to help with our goal of reaching 5 million lives who are equipped with the tools for living optimally.

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SOTIL Events

2019 | Community Wellness Day, Collin County – TX

local outreach

Community Outreach

Youth & Professional Mentorship

Health & Wellness Education